Systematic construction

An idea makes all the difference

GOLDBECK stands for modular construction with a system. This means customising everything that can be seen and systematising everything that can’t. We prefabricate key components at our plants and then assemble these into turnkey buildings on the construction site. The advantage: consistent quality, freedom from external influences, and more sustainability – all while keeping to deadlines and maintaining control over costs.


Industrial buildings

Living in the future today


A new location, greater space requirements, optimised processes, higher energy efficiency… there are plenty of good reasons to build a new industrial building or expand an existing one. GOLDBECK builds custom solutions, with a special degree of flexibility and a keen understanding of how to economically implement clients’ building requirements.


 Our system solutions comprise the following:


  • Industrial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Refrigerated and deep-freeze storage
  • Exhibition halls
  • Sales halls


Every industry has its own requirements, whether for personal use or for renting. GOLDBECK constructs tailor-made industrial buildings that meet clients’ needs.

Office buildings

Smart and comfortable


GOLDBECK’s modern office buildings provide flexible configurations that are adaptable to your needs. They are ideally equipped for the future in terms of both technology and energy, they are impressively economical in their construction and operation, and they combine comfortable workplaces with individual design to lay the foundations for a positive working atmosphere and successful collaboration.

Multi-storey car parks

The time has come for smart parking!


Mobility is changing, and so are the demands on contemporary multi-storey car parks. We know what will matter tomorrow – and we are implementing it today. Whether multi-storey car parks for employees, the public, or for customers and loading – over 40 years of experience in the design and construction of multi-storey car parks, along with the completion of over 1,000 related projects, have shown us just how diverse our clients’ needs can be. And how we can meet them.